Retail Billing and Inventory Management Systems.

Store Management for small to large enterprise, quick control, complete monitoring over stocks, supplier management, Smart Purchase Features, discount, easy invoicing and a lot of reports for full control on your business.

Now a days everybody has less time and they want their work should be done quickly. We face the same condition at retail shops, retail counters etc. Customers should not be annoyed waiting in the long ques. It also effects the overall sales. Creating invoices manually is very much time consuming. As well as generating reports. Noors ERP software helps you manage all the requirements of the individual shops or retailer in an effective and efficient way. In Noors ERP a retailer can generate reports as per his need. Even he can generate a report which contains the complete details of the business within a single report. There is a facility is that this Noors ERP software show notification alert on out of stock items and stocks which are not selling now a days.

In Noors ERP software, Retailers print automatic purchase bill, invoices etc. and handle multiple suppliers, customers on a single and Network based computer. We also provide Training and after sales service.

Why do Business choose Noors ERP Software ?

Noors ERP previews company wise invoices with detailed information of the business.

User friendly inventory level management, set reorder points to view stock and saveĀ  loses for expiry.

You can import previous data of Purchase in Excel or CSV format and save time.

Powerful sales, purchases, inventory and accounting reports to stay on top of your finances.

Cashier management & home delivery options gives you full control on your business.

Noors ERP keeps tracks of expired items and return to supplier options.